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Introduction to JavaScript in a Filemaker Web Viewer – Part 2

This is the second installment of our FileMaker JavaScript series. In this video, we continue to reverse engineer the text comparison JavaScript webpage.  We go from inserting our FileMaker field data into an HTML form to inserting them directly into JavaScript variables and then eliminating the form altogether. You will learn a few more things along the way.

This video series will be most helpful for people with little experience working with HTML or JavaScript. We will refine the same project with each installment, exploring and explaining JavaScript and the Web Viewer and in our final video, we will conclude with the new functionality in FileMaker 19.

== Video Chapters ==
0:00 Introduction
0:42 Part 1 Recap
1:42 Installing Atom text editor
2:46 Setting a JavaScript variable to FileMaker field value
4:15 Explaining the DOM (Document Object Model)
5:36 Setting JavaScript variables with static values
6:40 Radio buttons in HTML and JavaScript
8:00 Tidying up our JavaScript
8:54 Dealing with quotes breaking JavaScript
10:13 Closing

? Part One:

? JavaScript Project:
? Project demo:

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