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Introduction to JavaScript in a FileMaker Web Viewer – Part 1

Has unfamiliarity kept you from using JavaScript in FileMaker? In this multi-part series, we start with a working JavaScript web page and make small incremental changes to the page source code to integrate it in the FileMaker Web Viewer, explaining each change along the way.

This video will be most helpful for people with little experience working with HTML or JavaScript. We will refine the same project with each installment, exploring and explaining JavaScript and the Web Viewer as we go, concluding with the new functionality in FileMaker 19.

00:00 Intro
01:09 Locating the open-source project
02:36 Viewing the project’s demo page source code
02:57 HTML source code explained
04:27 Overview of code modifications
05:28 Acquiring the project source code
06:08 Including the JavaScript project code within FileMaker
06:33 Substituting field data into web form elements
07:54 Bypassing the submit button
08:49 Exploring the web browser’s ‘Page Inspector’ tool
10:39 Using CSS to hide the web form
11:33 The bane of curly quotes in rich text editors (.rtf)
12:35 Modifying the JavaScript output

? Part 2:
? JavaScript Tools Playlist:
? JavaScript Project:
? Project demo:


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