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FileMaker Finding FUNdamentals – Part 2 – Basic Operators

FileMaker finds – this training video is part two of a tutorial series about the beginning and advanced ways to use a find in FileMaker from Claris.

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Performing a find in Claris FileMaker is one of the most common actions as a user and developer. But have you ever really taken a few moments to test, compare, and understand the multitude of options available?

Rather than reading through extensive manuals, we visually demonstrate simple and complex searches with all of the operators and combinations of Find, Constrain, and Extend functions.
Knowing when to use the best techniques can save so much time and frustration for years to come.

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This segment covers half of the operators and focuses on the text field. The demonstration is structured so you can quiz yourself on why a specific search has certain results.
Every new tip you learn can save hours and hours of time as a user or developer. This video could be used as a training video for new users so they can get up to speed on how to make the most of the powerful search possibilities.

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