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FileMaker CRM | Integrate FileMaker with Google

In this video, we discuss how you can supercharge the free FileMaker CRM sample app by integrating it with Google using the gManipulator plug-in.

Just follow our simple recipe to accomplish this integration. Using the free app from FileMaker and a free 30-day demo license for our gManipulator plug-in, you can learn to integrate FileMaker and Google at no cost.

For more detailed training on how to integrate FileMaker and Google/ Gmail, check out the Connect FileMaker to Google Course at Productive Computing University:


== FileMaker Sample CRM App ==
(Update August 2020 – the original link to the sample file is no longer valid. Below are two Claris community posts that reference the FileMaker CRM app. Warning: we have seen the links to this offering change over time. Today these are the links that we are currently aware of to get this product.)
? Community post 1 –
? Community post 2 –

== Plug-in link ==
? gManipulator plug-in:

== Other links ==
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