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FileMaker 18 New Features in under 7 minutes

This is a quick highlight summary overview of the new or changed features in FileMaker 18 server, FileMaker Pro Advanced, and FileMaker Go.

This allows you to see everything at a glance and then decide which topics you would like to further investigate for more details. Then you can choose to invest your valuable time on video training for the items that you know will impact your solutions and productivity.

See what’s new with FileMaker 18 – watch our video series in the Productive Computing University (PCU) FREE course “FileMaker 18 Platform Features”.

Or select one video from the list below:

What’s New Overview –
Technical Specifications –
What’s Deprecated –
Import interface –
Save a Copy as XML –
FileMaker Go New Features –
Hidden Features –
New/Changed Functions –
New Function: While –
New Function: SetRecursion –
File-based script steps –
New Script Step: Set Error Logging –
Script Step Changes –
Security Enhancements –
FileMaker Server 18 Enhancements –
FM Server Manager Updates –


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