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FileMaker 18 New Features: Import

The Import interface update is by far one of our favorite enhancements in FileMaker 18!

Even if you only do importing on rare occasions, it will so much easier with the new user friendly customizable way of importing data now.

If importing is a large part of your development, then you will absolutely love these enhancements. Prepare to be eternally grateful!

This is not just adding color or rearranging the interface, although those parts are very much welcomed. This is about really thinking through the entire process, start to finish, and creating a workspace that is extremely convenient and still largely customizable to fit your specific needs.

If the import is simple, the process is simple. If the import is complex, the new interface and process still makes it feel simple!

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== Video Chapters ==
0:00 Intro
0:27 Part 1: File Setup and Prep
2:02 Part 2: Import Example
10:51 Outro


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