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Claris FileMaker 19 New Features Overview

Have a look at our summary of the new or changed features in FileMaker 19 platform from Claris.

In this video, we look at these new FileMaker Pro features:
– Dedicated area for Add-ons with install/uninstall capability
– JavaScript integration directly between FileMaker Pro and web viewer
– Siri Shortcuts support in FileMaker Go
– Card support in FileMaker WebDirect
– Various improved layout design tools
– macOS Dark Mode support in FileMaker Pro
– New function to detect light or dark mode with Get(SystemAppearance)
– Set default file to open when FileMaker starts
– Support for HEIF images (High Efficiency Image File)
– Stop and start scanning for NFC (near field communication) tags
– Configure Machine Learning Model with Core ML
– Functions to work with ComputeModel evaluations
– Convert paths between FileMaker and standard formats
– Various changes and improvements to selected functions
– Change minimum version allowed when the file is hosted


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